Responding to Global Health Crises: Lessons from the U.S. Response to the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola Outbreak

In 2014, an unprecedented outbreak of Ebola virus in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea shined a harsh spotlight on global capacity to deal effectively with a fast-moving epidemic that crossed interna­tional borders. Given the seriousness of the situation, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) deployed a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), as an interagency platform for coordinating operations to end the outbreak.

Weekly Round Up - March 29, 2019

Michael J. Keegan

TSA pushes on 3D baggage scanning. The Transportation Security Administration is moving quickly on acquisition plans to put "game-changing" 3D baggage scanning systems in place.

How two supply chain security efforts can co-exist. A new task force and an interagency council are tackling supply chain issues, but the government shutdown delayed efforts to sync them up.

Weekly Round Up - March 22, 2019

Michael J. Keegan

IT spend is flat in White House budget. The White House proposes a very slight dip in overall IT spend while pressing on modernization priorities and workforce development. 

Weekly Round Up - March 15, 2019

Michael J. Keegan

DHS grapples with cyber enforcement.The Department of Homeland Security is increasingly using compulsory directives to spur federal agencies on cybersecurity improvements, but cyber enforcers are learning that success isn't built out of carrots and sticks.

Weekly Round Up - March 8, 2019

Michael J. Keegan

GAO: Cyber Mission Force teams need more training. The Government Accountability Office found that, despite ongoing efforts, Cyber Mission Force teams need more training and Cyber Command needs to improve plans to supply it.

Creating a data-first culture at federal agencies. Agencies need to emphasize the connection between analytics and outcomes.

Weekly Round Up - March 1, 2019

Michael J. Keegan

Federal government rolls out new framework for security clearance process. Trusted Workforce 2.0 is new framework to improve a security clearance process that has received criticism across the spectrum for being slow, inefficient and overly reliant on manual procedure.

Leadership Stories: Entrepreneurial Leadership in Public Service

Leadership Stories: Avi Bender and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Public Service

Leadership Stories: Practice Reflection

The Wright Brothers pursuit of flight is chock-full of leadership lessons – the dos and don'ts perhaps – that are as useful for today’s leaders as ever.  Many of these lessons and insights can be gleaned from historian David McCullough’s book on the Wright Brothers. Typical leadership books prescribe sets of actions or admonish readers to follow specific effective qualities.

Leadership Stories: Suzette Kent, Federal CIO on Changing the Way Government does IT

Regarding technology modernization, U.S. federal agencies have fallen behind that they will have to work aggressively just to catch up with basic private sector practice. On many levels, inertia has long plagued government IT, slowing modernization, and preventing the federal government from achieving IT advances and efficiencies commonplace in the private sector. However, things are beginning to change.  New legislation, funding opportunities, and technologies are here to turn the tide.

Leadership Stories: Workforce Matters

Today there’s much focus and discussion on the importance of data-driven decision making from using predictive analytics to leveraging the promise of AI. We see this in both private and public sectors.  In the private sector, it tends to focus on making the “numbers” for stockholders and Wall Street. In the public sector, and in particular, government the key focus is on meeting mission outcomes and using evidence to do just that. 


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Clara Conti is a former chief executive officer, corporate restructuring guru and founder of multiple business startups. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter. She is lead partner for Covid-19 Tiger Team at IBM.

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